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Thank you for visiting my website.

I am the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Daventry Constituency at the snap election on 8th June.

I am an experienced local campaigner and believe that politicians have to prove they are worthy of your support by the actions and approach they take on representing you. I have previously stood for Parliament three times and on each occasion secured an increase in the vote share for the Liberal Democrats. I served as a Northampton Borough Councillor between 1995-2011 and most recently stood to be elected to Northamptonshire County Council in the Braunston & Crick Division which saw a 25% increase in the Lib Dem vote and put us firmly in place as the challengers to the Conservatives in that area.

On this website you can find information about my past and present campaigns and my interests and views.

If you'd like to hear about what I'm doing please sign up to my e-mail news list.

If there are issues I can help you with please get in touch.

With best wishes


  • Article: May 9, 2017
  • Andrew head and shoulders
    Article: May 6, 2017
    By Andrew Simpson

    Liberal Democrats in Daventry constituency have chosen Andrew Simpson as their candidate for the snap General Election on 8th June.

    Andrew is an experienced local and parliamentary campaigner having stood previously for the party in the General Elections of 2001, 2005 and 2010. In 2010 he stood in Northampton North and came within 5% of taking the seat from the Conservatives.

  • Article: May 5, 2017

    The Liberal Democrats have announced they would plug funding gaps for the NHS and social care by putting a penny on income tax, in their first major manifesto commitment of the election campaign. The tax would raise an additional £44 million for the Nene Clinical Commissioning Group area which includes Daventry, with £33 million for the NHS and £11million for social care each year.

  • Andrew Simpson in Kilsby Road, Crick
    Article: Mar 12, 2017
    By Andrew Simpson

    Local Lib Dem campaigner Andrew Simpson, has expressed suprise and shock that the Police have had to place warning signs in Watford and Kilsby Road between Crick and the A5, beacuse of the dangerous state of the road.

    Liberal Democrats have been calling on the Consevative run authority to prioritise road repairs - particularly in areas of high traffic levels.
    "The signs are definitely needed as the road is unsafe" said Andrew "But what a riduculous position to get into where the County Council has failed to maintain the road properly and the potholes have become so big that they are now a danger to vehicles".

  • A428 Canal Bridge at Crick
    Article: Mar 9, 2017
    By Andrew Simpson

    Local Lib Dem campaigners have welcomed news that funding has been secured to provide a separate pedestrian bridge in Crick parallel to the A428 over the canal by The Moorings.

    This will replace the extremely dangerous, ridiculously narrow, existing footpath on the road itself.

    A wooden bridge is proposed and the design is now underway. The majority of the funding (£90,000) has come from Prologis (DIRFT III) but also with contributions from Northamptonshire County Council, windfarm developers and Crick Parish Council.

  • Daventry Lib Dems out Campaigning in Bowen Square
    Article: Mar 4, 2017
    By Andrew Simpson

    Liberal Democrats in Daventry are calling on the Government to keep Britain in the Single Market once the country leaves the European Union. They took to the streets this Saturday to get support from Saturday shoppers in Daventry's Bowen Square for a petition to keep Britain in the SIngle Market.

    The Single Market is the biggest market in the world and Liberal Democrats have warned that leaving it will put at risk jobs in Daventry and across Northamptonshire.

  • Article: Feb 16, 2017
    By Alan Knape

    A new crossing is to be installed on Drayton Way which will significantly increase safety for pedestrians crossing the busy road. Currently, it is quite hazardous for members of the public walking from Middlemore to the Shops and school on Ashby Fields or the Falconers Hill, UTC and Hill schools further down Ashby Road. Residents of Middlemore have been asking for this route to be made safer for more than five years. Now that this improvement is being made it would be a good time to press the county council to increase safety on the section of Ashby Road next to the reservoir. The pavement here is close to the road, and with a speed limit of 40MPH, it can be quite worrying walking down the road when taking young children to school. However, with the current Conservative-led administration at the county council being unable to balance the books, it is unlikely anything will happen soon. Local Lib Dem focus team member Alan Knape said "While I welcome any efforts to increase safety for local residents this is five years too late. We should be thankful no one has been injured on this dangerous road. Unfortunately, it is not surprising that it has taken so long as the Conservative-led county council can barely maintain our roads, let alone make improvements to make them safer."

  • Article: Jan 12, 2017

    You couldn't make this up - what incompetence!

    In 7 Days, the original report from DDC is retracted

    So - DDC recognises the County is in a mess and alerted councillors to this - but handled badly now looks like an own goal


    Northamptonshire County Council is at risk of 'insolvency' due to financial crisis, claims district council

  • Andrew at Braunston ()
    Article: Jan 12, 2017
    By Andrew Simpson

    News that Daventry District Council (DDC) have finally approved outline plans for a proposed extension to link Daventry to the Grand Union canal have been welcomed by local Lib Dem Campaigners.

    The controversial plan was agreed by DDC Planning Committee on Wednesday night and proposes a 1.6 mile canal arm that would run from a basin by the iCon roundabout and then snake along the edge of Daventry Country Park before heading out to the Grand Union Canal. The approved plan includes six locks, rather than a boat lift. Further more detailed plans will need to be considered for the waterfront development proposed for the Eastern Way playing field.

  • Andrew Simpson's Residents Survey
    Article: Jan 1, 2017
    By Andrew Simpson

    Local Liberal Democrat Campaigner, Andrew Simpson, has launched a residents survey that is currently being delivered across the Braunston & Crick area including Kilsby, Barby, Welton, Onley, Yelvertoft and Ashby-St-Ledgers.

    The survey askes residents what they like about living in the area and what are their top priorities for improvements, it also asks how easy they find it to accesslocal services such as Post Offices and Health Care as well as asking them what their concerns are about the state of public services.