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Andrew Simpson

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My Commitments on tackling the Climate Emergency

December 6, 2019 4:50 PM
By Andrew Simpson

The Climate Emergency should be the one big issue that dominates this General Election and it seems to be getting only secondary coverage at best. wind farm

Compared to the challenges facing our environment and our planet, Brexit is but a sideshow and a needless distraction.

While the election has been taking place:

At the same time:

The UK Parliament declared a Climate Emergency in May this year yet nothing much seems to have happened since. Our Government seems to have been paralysed by Brexit.

Also the Conservative record in this area is pretty poor:

So what can I do about the Climate Emergency if elected as your MP?

Firstly ensure it is constantly the top priority in Parliament.

Then locally I would be an active MP campaigning on:

Furthermore, what can I do about pollution?

Lastly as the MP I should set an example so I would want to see how I can make my life more carbon neutral and apply that in everything I do.

The Climate Emergency is now and so we cannot afford to wait to do more.